Had an Idea.

After the devastation of losing my computer with everything on it for this series, I have been thinking about continuing the story in a more graphic novel-type way. It’d still be published on here, but instead of the Sims it’d just be my drawings and words – more like an illustrated story really! I’ve been really keen to get back in to the world of the Dollies but I haven’t seen a way to do this until now because I think the visuals are so important to the story. I’d imagine i’d jump forward in the story a bit so that I can start a fresh, maybe even cancelling the last season out. Let me know what you all think ­čÖé

Mr. Phoebe


The Truth About Dollies 3.4 – ‘Untitled’

“Olivia?” Winter asked. Her voice was incredulous – her eyes were wide. She felt like a little girl lost in a big city, calling out for her mother. ┬á Continue reading

Don’t abandon hope!

Yes, it has been a very long time since i posted a new chapter. This is not because it’s dead in the water, it’s simply because i’ve been working on a new and exciting┬áseparate┬ástory! Dollies isn’t, however, finished in any way so there will be more chapters!

The Truth About Dollies 3.3 – ‘Here Comes The Sun’

The dress’s embellishments twinkled happily in the bright daylight that flooded Mia Kane’s sewing room. Continue reading

Late Night

My copy of Sims 3 Late Night just arrived a day early in the UK! How exciting ­čśÇ

The Truth About Dollies 3.2 – ‘A Woman Betrayed’

Mia looked at her clothed reflection with a warm familiarity. She felt a lot more comfortable when her traitor breasts were covered up. Continue reading

The Truth About Dollies 3.1 – ‘What Goes Up…’

Mia Kane found her dreams haunted by the harrowing, cold vision of her friend Pixie Roche’s face staring out at her with its empty, angry eyes. Her clothes were still caked in the flaking, aged blood spilled from her body on to Mia’s living room floor. She was decaying before Mia’s eyes and she could do nothing about it. Continue reading